Vizown Freaquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What airport should I fly into?

    Will Rogers International Airport, Oklahoma City, OK; or
    Tulsa International Airport, Tulsa, OK

  2. Will Vizown pick me up from the airport?

    Yes. Once we have confirmed your arrival, we will make arrangements for transportation from the airport to Vizown.

  3. If I’m not flying to Oklahoma, will Vizown provide transportation to their location?

    This is on a case by case basis; however most generally, we can provide transportation within a 150 mile radius of our residential treatment center.

  4. Should I bring my medications to treatment?

    Yes. They need to be in blister packs with prescribing physician name, contact information, and dosage.

  5. May I bring a laptop computer or other electronic device, such as an iPad or Kindle?

    No. Electronics are not allowed. Vizown will have computers available for our clients on a limited basis.

  6. May I bring a cell phone?

    No. Cell phones are not allowed. Vizown will have telephones available for our clients to use.

  7. Are other electronics prohibited?

    The only electronic devices that are allowed are MP3 players which have no internet capabilities. They can only be used during scheduled free time.

  8. How much spending money should I bring?

    No more than $100.00 per week for outings and additional needs. *Vizown will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, nor will we hold or store valuables.

  9. What should I bring to treatment?
  10. Insurance Card
  11. Photo ID
  12. Prescription Card
  13. All medications (in original bottles)
  14. Cash for your patient account
  15. Eyeglasses /Contact Lenses & appropriate accessories
  16. Personal Toiletries
  17. Cosmetics (Please limit to only what is needed)
  18. Additional pens and notebook if desired
  19. Meditation/Inspirational literature if desired
  20. Ambient noise machine if desired
  21. Medical supplies/devices (Such as C-PAP, syringes, glucometer, etc.)
  22. Hair dryer and additional styling produces (include straightener or curling iron) if desired, but no aerosol hairsprays.
  23. Photos of your family/friends
  24. Download What To Bring List

  • What type of clothing should I bring?

    Vizown promotes a dress code that supports recovery as well as a hygienic and groomed appearance. Due to space and storage limitations, please bring no more than 2 bags. This can consist of 2 medium bags or 1 large and 1 small bag. In addition, a small purse and/or backpack are permitted. Please refer to the following guidelines as you pack:7-10 days worth of clothing: primarily casual, comfortable, and weather appropriate

    • Gym clothing for exercise classes
    • Closed-toed shoes, such as tennis shoes, for Equine Therapy or Gardening
    • One piece swimwear, beach towel, and sun screen – seasonal
    • Coat or jacket per seasonal weather
    • Tank tops permitted (No spaghetti straps).
    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses permitted (Appropriate length for engaging in daily routines comfortably).
    • Undergarments and socks
    • Pajamas (Only permitted for sleeping. Not to be worn to scheduled activities).
    • Accessories including belts, scarves, sunglasses or reading glasses, hats or gloves if desired (Hats and sunglasses CANNOT be worn in the buildings or during treatment groups) 
  • Is there clothing that I’m not allowed to bring?

    Vizown doesn’t allow the following:

    • Clothing that exposes the midriff, cleavage, buttocks, or undergarments (i.e., boxer shorts, underwear, or bra straps),
    • Undershirts (without an over shirt),
    • Any clothing that has gang symbols, endorses drugs/alcohol use or products, is sexually suggestive, or has inappropriate humor,
    • Clothing with writing across the buttocks (i.e., sports team names, etc),
    • Shorts that come above the knee,
    • Clothing with holes in it or clothing that is see-through,
    • High-heeled shoes or wedge-heels higher than 2 inches
  • Are there items that are prohibited?

    The following items will be discarded on arrival:

    • Lighters, knives and weapons
    • Inappropriate magazines or reading materials
    • Picture frames with glass
    • Personal drinks, candy, and/or snacks
    • Aerosols
    • Over the counter medications
    • Vitamins and supplements (must be in unopened, sealed container)
    • Razors (must be in an unopened, sealed container) 
  • Does the program use treatment backed by scientific evidence?
    Yes, Vizown strives to be thoughtful and intentional in all aspects of the client’s experience.  To this end, Vizown has developed a treatment curriculum via an evidence-based approach thus providing treatment for clients that has been demonstrated to be effective with similar populations. Evidence-based practice is the integration of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture and preferences. . An in-depth description of these practices can be found on our webpage under the “Evidence Based Practices” tab.
  • Does the program tailor treatment to the needs of the each client?

    Yes, our clinical team is dedicated to providing services individualized to the needs of the whole person. Vizown uses a Phase system to work toward discharge

  • Does the program adapt treatment as the client’s needs change?
    Yes, Each client attends a weekly multi-disciplinary treatment team in order to review their progress towards their individualized treatment goals as well as address new items as they arise.
  • Is the duration of treatment sufficient?

    Research suggests at least 3 months in treatment is necessary to begin to heal from the damaging effects of substance abuse on the brain and body and learn the recovery tools necessary for recovery maintenance. It is recognized that 30-day programs may not be of sufficient duration and that longer treatment times result in better outcomes. This is particularly true for clients with co-occurring disorders and trauma and/or adverse life experiences.

    At Vizown a client’s length of stay is determined by their progress made upon their individual goals. However, in our clinical experience, most of our patients will require between 60 and 90 days. Vizown uses a Learning Continuum to work toward discharge. This Learning Continuum allows for individualized care that is specifically targeted to the clients concerns and allows the clinical team to track progress regarding measurable key goals and objectives. During a client’s stay at Vizown , our clinical team works diligently with providers within the client’s community to establish an optimum transition between levels of care and service providers.

  • How do 12 step or similar recovery programs fit into drug addiction treatment?
    We believe that the 12 step program has value in a person’s recovery, but it shouldn’t be the focal point for treatment. Although we foster the 12 step principles, our emphasis is on an evidence based program which addresses the underlying issues for someone’s addiction. Our program is not a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, it is an individualized, integrated program which addresses issues related to the addiction, psychiatric and possible trauma issues.