Vizown Treatment Process

The VizOwn Process

At VizOwn, we know that making the decision to call is an important one. We also know that this can be a sensitive decision and are committed to maintaining each client’s confidentiality. Our initial assessment and evaluation process begins with an interview, conducted with the prospective client, by one of our highly trained staff. This pre-admission interview, whether done by telephone or in person, provides an opportunity for our treatment team to ensure that VizOwn is an appropriate fit for the client and their individual needs. Upon arrival at VizOwn, the client will receive a holistic evaluation. It is our goal to develop a personalized, therapeutic, and comprehensive treatment plan based on nutritional needs, present level of functioning, and results of medical and self-assessments. After an extensive medical consultation and psychiatric evaluation, each client will have a plan tailored to their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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